Andrew Hunt, David Thomas / The Pragmatic Progrmmer


So the first question you have to ask yourself when someone asks you for an estimate is the context in which your answer will be taken. (p.64)


Once you think you know what is going on, it's time to find out what the program thinks is going on. (p.93)


Attempting to build an application you don't fully understand, or to use a technology you aren't familiar with, is an invitaiton to be misled by coincidences. (p.175)

偶然に任せた開発をしてはならぬ、と。ということは、クリティカルな業務外で、新技術や知らない技術の勉強をしなければならないということです。SICP の本も、ずーっと積読です、そういえば。